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Green Arbor Lawn Maintenance Newsletter - 2023/11/01

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Company Updates:

We're thrilled to let you know that Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc. had the honor of being part of the recent Frankfort Fall Festival. Organized by the local Chamber of Commerce, the festival was an overwhelming hit, attracting a multitude of visitors and featuring an eclectic mix of skilled artisans from various parts of the nation. As a business rooted in the community, we couldn't be happier to contribute to this multifaceted event that offered a plethora of activities, from live music to an assortment of culinary delights.

The live music was a festival highlight, with the Breidert Green stage hosting an array of talented bands. Acts such as The Muddsharks, Dad Strength, and Bad Mojo Band captivated the audience, creating an electrifying atmosphere that had everyone on their feet.

Frankfort Fall Festival

Not to be outdone, the annual parade was a feast for the eyes, filled with vibrant floats and community groups marching in unison. The theme this year, which focused on the idea of 'family,' struck a chord with all attendees, making it an unforgettable part of the festival.

The food offerings were nothing short of spectacular, with a variety of options that catered to all taste buds. Run by local organizations in collaboration with area businesses, the food court was a hit. Our personal favorites included the offerings from Aurelio's Pizza, the Frankfort Brass Band's food booth, and the culinary delights from New Life Church Cadets.

We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who took the time to visit our booth. Your support is crucial to our growth and enables us to continue serving the Frankfort community in the best way possible. We're eagerly looking forward to next year's festival and hope to see you there!

Lawn Maintenance Seasonal Tips:

November has arrived, and winter is hot on its heels—or should we say, cold? Now's the time to give your lawn maintenance in the Chicago suburbs the TLC it needs before the frost settles in. Top of the to-do list: that all-important final mow. Cutting your grass to a shorter height of 2 to 2.5 inches isn't just a style choice—it's a defense tactic against snow mold. This shorter cut helps your lawn dry out faster and makes it a less inviting habitat for mold to flourish. Get that mower out for one last spin and lay the groundwork for a vibrant spring lawn!

Industry News:

We're thrilled to announce that we're currently on the list to demo the DEWALT® Ascent™ Series, a game-changing, battery-powered commercial mowing platform designed to revolutionize your landscaping business. This series is not just about mowing; it's where tech meets tough. It offers a comprehensive electric ecosystem with multiple charging options and installation support. The PowerEquip Battery System ensures your fleet runs smoothly with five swappable batteries and a 3,600Wh MAX lithium-ion battery for all-day runtime.

Dewalt Hybrid Electric Mower Demo By Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc.

However, we're still evaluating whether the Ascent Series is the right fit for large commercial properties and if the costs truly outweigh the benefits. The technology is promising, but it's crucial to consider the long-term investment and operational efficiency. Features like the H-E-2 High-Efficiency Cutting Deck and the GroundCommand app are impressive, but we'll be diving deeper in our full review to see if they deliver on their promises for larger-scale operations. Stay tuned for our comprehensive insights to help you make an informed decision for your business.


Ready to conquer the winter season like a pro? At Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc., we're bringing you decades of unparalleled expertise in snow work—now in a consulting capacity! Whether you're a property manager in need of a snow removal plan or a snow work business seeking to level up, we've got the insider tips you crave.

We're excited to offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to help you navigate the intricacies of crafting a solid scope of work, establishing tiered pricing, and setting up logistical strategies like "Blizzard Clauses." Just use our special promo code (ICEBREAKERS33) for this exclusive offer. It's time to transform your winter challenges into opportunities with the guidance of seasoned experts. Don't miss out!

Spotlight Project:

This month's spotlight project takes us to Hampshire Park Apartments located in Hobart IN., where we pulled out all the stops to prepare the property for a crucial closing. Faced with an immense task of removing six large trees, stump grinding, and trimming 35 trees along building edges and gutter lines, we mobilized an army of resources. Our team included 4 expert climbers, 18 ground crew members, and an array of specialized equipment: a bucket truck, a 100-yard clam truck, and three chipper trucks were all on-site.

Hampshire Park Apartments

Leaving the shop at 6AM and wrapping up by 5 PM, we made efficient use of every minute and resource available. By deploying such an extensive team and equipment set, we minimized the invasive impact on the property and its residents. This allowed us to complete the job within a single day, avoiding the need to extend the project over weeks and ensuring a quick return to normalcy for the community. The result? A successfully expedited project that left our client thrilled and ready for their closing.

Employee Corner:

Meet Ricky Rodriquez, the man we trust when it comes to scaling heights and ensuring the safety of our tree projects. With 19 years under his belt at Green Arbor, Ricky is not just an employee; he's family. He holds a 30-hour OSHA card, is a Certified Arborist, and also has certifications in Chainsaw Safety and Aerial Lift Operation—Ricky is also manages our tool box talks documentation and JHA’s that are complete each morning with all our crews.

Green Arbor Tree Climber

Off the job, Ricky is a loving husband and a proud father to four wonderful children. He makes his home in Country Club Hills, Illinois, where family comes first, a value he brings into his work at Green Arbor as well. When Ricky isn't skillfully navigating tree canopies or mentoring our newer crew members, he's investing time in the people who mean the most to him. In many ways, Ricky embodies the spirit and dedication that make Green Arbor more than just a business, but a family.

Ask the Experts:

Question: I've noticed that parts of my lawn go dormant much quicker than others. I recently found out that my property was overseeded with a different type of grass before I bought it. Could this be causing the irregular dormancy?

Answer: Absolutely, the inconsistency in grass types is likely the culprit behind the varied dormancy patterns you're observing. Different species of grass have distinct growing seasons, climate preferences, and dormancy triggers. For instance, cool-season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass or Fescue tend to remain green longer into the fall, while warm-season grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia may go dormant sooner as temperatures drop.

To address this, you have a couple of options. One approach is to overseed the entire lawn with a single, appropriate grass type for your climate during its optimal planting season in addition to your lawn maintenance. This will eventually create a more uniform lawn. Another option is to embrace the diversity and manage the different grass types according to their specific needs, which could mean different mowing heights, fertilization schedules, and watering practices for different sections of your yard.

Either way, rectifying the issue will take some time and consistent lawn care practices, but you should see more uniform dormancy patterns within a year or two.

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