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Green Arbor Newsletter - 2023/10/01

Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc.

Welcome to the October 2023 edition of Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc.'s monthly newsletter! In this issue, we are thrilled to share updates and news from our various ongoing projects, introduce you to some of our dedicated team members, provide useful tips for seasonal landscaping, and spotlight some of our outstanding work from the past month. Stay tuned for a special feature on sustainable landscaping practices that are close to our heart. Thank you for being a part of our Green Arbor community—we hope you find this newsletter informative and inspiring!

Company Updates

Introducing Our New Estimator Tool

We're excited to announce the launch of our new estimator tool on the Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc. website. This sophisticated tool uses common inputs such as area, turf obstructions, shrub density, and lawn fertilizer treatments to provide you with an instant, accurate quote. No more waiting or guesswork - our estimator tool calculates your landscaping costs and sends the quote directly to your inbox in mere seconds. This tool is designed to provide transparent pricing and empower our customers with immediate, accurate information. Give it a try today and experience how Green Arbor is making landscaping estimates easier and faster than ever before.

Seasonal Tips

Fall Fertilizer Treatment Program

Autumn is here, it's important to equip your lawns and gardens with the right nutrients to prepare for the colder months. Here at Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc., we've designed a Fall Fertilizer Treatment Program that takes into account the changing seasonal needs of your landscape.

In early fall, we advocate for a 20-8-8 fertilizer formula. This high nitrogen mix is vital for leaf growth and aids in recovering from summer stress while building resistance for the winter. As we move into late fall, we shift to a 13-25-12 fertilizer mixture. This formula contains higher levels of phosphorus and potassium, essential for root development and hardiness during the winter months.

Our Fall Fertilizer Treatment Program tailors applications according to the season's progression, ensuring your landscape is well-nourished and prepared for the year's end. Trust Green Arbor to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Industry News

Rising Labor and Material Costs: Paving the Way for Autonomous Lawn Care

Landscaping businesses are currently grappling with soaring labor and material costs. Unprecedented circumstances and global events have led to shortages, driving up the prices of essential materials. Additionally, the landscaping industry is labor-intensive, and the rising wage rates further compound the escalating costs.

This challenging economic climate, however, is fostering innovation and accelerating the adoption of autonomous electric landscaping technologies. Autonomous mowers and landscaping equipment represent a significant leap in the industry's future. These machines can operate independently, reducing the need for labor and reducing fuel costs associated with traditional maintenance equipment.

Despite these promising developments, it's worth noting that the initial investment in autonomous lawn care technology remains high. This cost barrier often makes the shift seem daunting, and at this time impractical. However, as with most cutting-edge technology, costs are expected to decrease over time as the technology matures, and production becomes more efficient. As these costs come down, autonomous lawn care equipment devices will become increasingly accessible, allowing more businesses to take advantage of the significant long-term savings they offer in labor and fuel. This shift will most definitely keep the landscaping industry on a sustainable path into the future.

Special Offer

Free Winter Arrangement Design with Each Online Estimator Use

At Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc., we're always looking for ways to make your life easier and more colorful. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Online Maintenance Estimator—a fast, free, and convenient way to get a property maintenance quote in just seconds!

To celebrate the launch, we're offering FREE Winter Arrangement Design to every customer who uses our online estimator. Here's how it works:

  1. Visit Our Website: Head over to and find our Online Maintenance Estimator.

  2. Get Your Quote: Input the necessary details about your property, and our advanced estimator will give you an instant quote!

  3. Claim Your Design: Once you've received your quote, we'll arrange for your free Winter Arrangement Design.

Don't miss this limited-time offer. Make your property estimate hassle-free and bring some blooming beauty into your life with Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc.!

Spotlight Project

Project Spotlight: Hot Tub Patio and Retaining Wall Installation

In this month's project spotlight, we're thrilled to highlight an exciting project we recently completed - a patio and retaining wall installation designed specifically to accommodate a hot tub. Our client approached us with a vision of an outdoor oasis, a serene space where they could relax and unwind in their hot tub while enjoying the beautiful Illinois scenery.

Our team set to work immediately, designing a patio that seamlessly integrates with the natural features of the property. We constructed a robust retaining wall, using high-quality materials that not only provide the necessary support for the weight of the hot tub but also enhance the aesthetics of the space. The result is a stunning patio area that perfectly accommodates the hot tub while adding to the overall beauty of the landscape. This project showcases our commitment to customizing our work to meet our clients' needs and dreams. To see pictures and learn more about this project, head over to the "Project Spotlight" section on our website.

I've Never Seen This Before

Mad Momma Raccoon Attacks Tree Trimmers on Jobsite

In an unusual event, our tree trimmers encountered a rather aggressive local resident while working on a recent job. A disturbed mother raccoon, perhaps alarmed by the noise and activity, felt threatened and launched an unexpected attack on our crew at a jobsite in Palos Heights.

In handling the surprising encounter, we had to deploy creative...tactic to defuse the situation. The decision to use the chainsaw was not made lightly, but rather stemmed from the need for a non-physical deterrent to discourage the aggressive mother raccoon from further confrontations. The noisy revving of a chainsaw proved to be an effective method of creating a disturbance to deter the raccoon without causing it harm.

The team member with the chainsaw kept a safe distance, ensuring no direct contact was made with the raccoon. The loud noise generated by the chainsaw did its job, startling the raccoon enough to divert its attention away from the crew. This unconventional method was instrumental in ensuring the safety of both the crew and the raccoon family, while allowing the Animal Control team to intervene promptly. Although we hope not to repeat such an encounter, this incident provided a learning experience in adapting to unexpected challenges and reaffirmed our commitment to coexist peacefully with the local wildlife.

Ask the Experts

Q1: What special offer is Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc. currently providing?

A1: Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc. is currently offering Free Winter Arrangement Designs to every customer who uses their new Online Maintenance Estimator. Customers can receive an instant property maintenance quote and claim the design at Green Arbor's Frankfort, IL location.

Q2: How did the Green Arbor team handle the unexpected encounter with the aggressive mother raccoon?

A2: The team used the noise from a chainsaw as a safe and non-physical deterrent to discourage the raccoon from further confrontations. This method ensured the safety of both the crew and the raccoon family, allowing the Animal Control team to intervene swiftly.

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