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Green Arbor Newsletter - 2023/08/01

Company Updates

On the fateful day of July 13th, a series of powerful tornadoes tore through the south Chicago suburbs, leaving destruction in their wake. As the tempest subsided, the community looked to us, Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, for much-needed aid and restoration.

Our phones began ringing incessantly, each call echoing the urgency of the situation. The sheer volume of requests was astounding, a testament to the vast impact of the storms. Our team leaped into action, focusing on disaster relief and cleanup, which lasted for over a week following the tornadoes.

In these testing times, we were buoyed by the support and understanding of our regular clients. Among them was Clayton Prysny, the Property Supervisor at Rustic Oaks, who displayed tremendous understanding. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, he graciously allowed us to postpone his scheduled parking lot tree project for three days. This enabled us to dedicate all our resources to the emergency at hand.

Clayton was quoted saying, "At Rustic Oaks located in Oak Forest, we knew that Green Arbor needed to prioritize helping those most affected by the tornadoes. I seen them on the news the night before and had a hunch the tree crew was going to busy for a while. They were able to get out and we were only delayed 1 day really…"

In the midst of all this, our hardworking team and our trusty cranes found themselves in the media spotlight. Both WGN Channel 9 and Fox 32 News covered our relief efforts, highlighting our brave men and women who worked 16 hour shifts.

After the storm, it was crucial to provide the community with guidance on dealing with post-disaster cleanup, which led us to publish a blog post titled "Don't Let Contractors Pressure You After the Storm." The article provided homeowners with tips to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous contractors looking to exploit such difficult circumstances.

The trials of July 13th underscored the importance of resilience, teamwork, and community spirit. It's experiences like these that reinforce our dedication to serving our community with integrity and quality. Our resolve has been tested, but we remain committed to our mission. We look forward to updating you on our return to regular projects in our next newsletter, including the exciting progress on the Rustic landscape and lawn care renovation projects.

Seasonal Tips: An Effortless Way to Plan Annuals in Flower Pots

Planting flowers in flower pot garden

When it comes to enhancing your lawn care, nothing beats the vibrant display of annual flowers. However, the process of planting them in pots can be a bit tricky, especially for beginners. That's why we're here to share a clever trick that makes planting annuals in flower pots a breeze.

Start with a large flower pot that can provide ample room for your flowers to bloom. The first step is to create a solid base for your plants. Adding a layer of stones at the bottom of the pot not only enhances drainage but also provides a firm foundation. This step is particularly important if you're dealing with larger pots or containers, as it can help prevent soil from washing out of the drainage holes.

Next, fill the pot with nutrient-rich black dirt mixed with peat moss, stopping about 3-4 inches from the top. This blend provides an excellent environment for your annuals, as peat moss enriches the soil and helps retain moisture, keeping your plants hydrated and happy.

Now, here's where the magic happens. Instead of the traditional method of digging holes for each plant, we have a trick that makes the process effortless. Take your annual flowers out of their plastic containers, and use these containers as molds. Arrange these molds in the pot where you want your flowers to be. Fill the rest of the pot with your dirt and peat moss mixture, enveloping these molds.

Once you've filled the pot, remove the plastic molds. You'll be left with perfect, ready-made spots for your annual flowers - no digging required. Just plug your annuals into these pre-formed spots, and you're all set.

Remember, the key to beautiful annual displays lies not just in the flowers you choose, but also in the care you give them and the techniques you use to plant them. Happy planting!

Industry News:

Robotic Lawn Mower cutting very green grass

We are always on the lookout for innovative technologies that can make our lives easier and more efficient. Today, we want to introduce you to a groundbreaking product that is set to revolutionize lawn care: the LawnMeister, an AI-powered robot mower.

Just as Roomba transformed indoor cleaning, the LawnMeister is poised to redefine outdoor maintenance. This autonomous robot mower is equipped with the Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS), a revolutionary system that uses robot vision and AI to improve route planning and the accuracy of obstacle avoidance. It can easily navigate your lawn, avoiding any obstacles in its path and trimming every blade of grass with precision.

The LawnMeister is not just a lawn mower. It's a smart device that adjusts its mowing schedule based on the season, weather, and location to predict your grass's needs and offer a tailored mowing schedule. This means you'll always have a perfectly manicured lawn, no matter the time of year.

One of the best things about LawnMeister is that it's 100% wire-free, so you don't have to worry about setting up any boundary wires. Instead, it uses virtual boundaries keeping the bot from exiting your lawn and ending up in the street. Unlike other "smart mowers," the LawnMeister can also mow with straight lines, keeping your lawn as beautiful as ever.

In addition to mowing, the LawnMeister can identify yellow spots in your lawn and spray fertilizer where it's needed. If grass clippings are on your driveway, the LawnMeister can sweep it clean and blow away any pesky leaves or tree trimmings.

The LawnMeister comes with an easy-to-use mobile app where you can set up the boundaries, no-go zones, set its schedule, the length you wish to cut your grass, and even track the bot while it's actively on the job.

The Heisenberg LawnMeister comes with a charging dock, a power adapter with an extension cord, six mounting screws, and three sets of cutting blades. To get your hands and green thumbs on one, you'll need to wait until August, and you'll need to pledge at least $1,000 on Kickstarter.

Would you trust your precious lawn with one of these grass terminators? Let us know your thoughts!


green puzzle piece offer symbol 3d

As we enjoy the warm August weather, it's the perfect time to ensure your lawn remains lush and vibrant. We're thrilled to announce our special promotion on weed and feed services, designed to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free!

Starting at just $95, our weed and feed service is an all-in-one solution for your lawn care needs. Our expert team will apply a top-quality weed and feed product to your lawn, effectively controlling those stubborn weeds while nourishing your grass for a lush, green appearance.

But we haven't forgotten about our clients with larger properties! If your project spans over 4 acres, we have a special offer tailored just for you. We can provide our premium weed and feed liquid application service for only $185 per acre. This service ensures uniform coverage and efficient weed control, fostering the growth of a vibrant, healthy lawn care.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Give your lawn the care it deserves at unbeatable prices. Contact us today to schedule your service and let us help you maintain the lawn of your dreams!

Spotlight Project:

tree damage from storm on power lines

We're excited to share with you a recent project that truly highlights our commitment to providing efficient, safe, and professional service.

We were called upon in an emergency situation by a client whose fence contractor had completed a survey incorrectly. The result? A 100-year-old tree stood in the way of their new fence installation. The challenge was not just the tree's age and size, but its location - it was intertwined with dangerous power lines.

Our team, equipped with expertise and the right tools, sprang into action. We set up a crane in the street, carefully planned our approach, and began the process. After cutting a few branches away from the power lines, we made one precise cut at the tree's base. In one swift move, we were able to crane the tree away from its location and directly into our chipper.

This project was not just about removing a tree; it was about ensuring the safety of our team, the client, and their property while executing a complex task. We're proud to say that we successfully completed the job, paving the way for the client's fence installation.

At Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, we're ready to tackle any challenge, big or small, with professionalism and dedication. Whether it's an emergency situation or regular maintenance, we're here to help you with all your landscaping needs.

Employee Corner:

Este Mater Green Arbor Owl Mascot

In this edition of the Employee Corner, we're thrilled to introduce a new member of our team. But this isn't your typical team member - meet Este Mater, our mascot and your personal project estimator!

Este Mater is not just a mascot; he's a digital assistant designed to help our clients set their project budgets and complete project estimations on our website, absolutely free. He's here to guide you through our sales process, providing an understanding of pricing and delivering a proposal right to your inbox with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With Este Mater, we're bringing the future of landscaping to your fingertips. He's equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide accurate estimates for your projects, whether it's a simple lawn care task or a complex landscaping project.

The best part? This feature will be unlocked in the month of August! We're excited for you to meet Este Mater and experience the convenience he brings to your landscaping projects.

At Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, we're always looking for ways to enhance your experience and make your landscaping projects as seamless as possible. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features!

I've Never Seen This Before

In this edition of "I've Never Seen This Before," we bring you a tale that, while it gave us quite a start, might offer our readers a moment of amusement. It's a story of a corroded gas line, our most expensive mower, and an unexpected incident right in our own shop.

Our tale unfolds within the walls of our Green Arbor shop, where one of our top-of-the-line, two-year-old mowers, valued more than most cars, was stationed. Due to an unfortunate corrosion in the gas line, this dependable machine suddenly caught fire on one of our 95 degree days. Thankfully, due to our stringent safety measures and equipment, no one was injured, but our trusty mower was left in a less than functional state.

With the mower still under warranty, we promptly reached out to the manufacturer, expecting a swift resolution. However, we were met with a surprised response: "Wow, we've never seen this before."

The irony of the situation was not lost on us. A manufacturer of high-end mowers, presumably experienced in all sorts of mower mishaps, was taken aback by our incident. The situation was further complicated by the uncertainty of whether the warranty would cover this unusual damage.

Having this piece of equipment sidelined is a significant issue for us at Green Arbor. While we have other mowers in our fleet, this particular one played a crucial role in our operations. But as we always do, we're finding ways to adapt, overcome, and get our fiery companion repaired and back in action.

This incident serves as a reminder that even in our own shop, we can encounter situations that leave us, and even the experts, saying, "I've never seen this before." It's these unexpected moments that keep our work interesting and, at times, even a little humorous.

Stay tuned for more tales from the field, and remember, at Green Arbor, we're always prepared to handle the unexpected!

Ask the Experts:

Letters of Q and A representing questions and answers

Dear Green Arbor Landscape Contractors community,

Welcome back to our "Ask the Expert" section, where we address your most pressing landscaping questions. This month, we're answering a new set of queries. Let's get started!

Question 1: How can I keep my garden vibrant and healthy during the peak of summer?

Answer: Keeping a garden thriving during the summer heat can be a challenge, but with the right approach, it's entirely possible. Watering is key - aim to water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize evaporation. Also, consider adding a layer of mulch around your plants. Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and keeps the roots cooler by shading them from the sun. Lastly, be sure to regularly check your plants for signs of heat stress, such as wilting or brown leaves, and adjust your care routine accordingly.

Question 2: I have a large tree in my yard that's starting to lean. Should I be concerned?

Answer: A leaning tree can be a cause for concern, especially if the lean is new. Trees can lean due to uneven growth, soil erosion, or root damage. If the lean is sudden or the tree is leaning significantly, it's best to call a professional to assess the situation. At Green Arbor, we have experts who can evaluate the tree's health and stability and recommend the best course of action.

Remember, if you have any questions about your landscape, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

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