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Green Arbor Newsletter 2023/09/01

Company Updates:

Last month, we were deeply involved in tornado relief efforts. This month, we're thrilled to announce that normalcy has returned, and we're back to our regular schedule. Our commitment to the community hasn't wavered; in fact, it has strengthened. We've kickstarted a tree replacement initiative, offering special discounts for those affected by the tornadoes.

Additionally, our dedicated team successfully completed the postponed Rustic Oaks parking lot tree project. This tree project opened the overgrown tree limbs that were encroaching on the parking spaces. We even planted new perennials along the north buildings. We recommended catmint because of durability they look fantastic!

Finally, we're pleased to share that we'll have a booth at the upcoming Frankfort Fall Festival. Stop by to meet the team and learn about our latest services and technologies.

Seasonal Tips:

Preparing Your Lawn for Autumn

As summer winds down, it's time to prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead. Consider aerating your soil to allow better water and nutrient absorption. Follow this with a fall fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive through winter. Don't forget to clear leaves and debris regularly to prevent mold and fungus growth.

Industry News:

The transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture's water management is setting the stage for its application in residential settings like apartments and townhomes. As communities grapple with rising water bills and sustainability challenges, AI offers an innovative solution for smarter water use. These AI-driven systems, initially designed for agricultural efficiency, can be adapted to manage residential water supplies, from optimizing irrigation in communal gardens to identifying leaks and inefficiencies in real-time. Leveraging big data, IoT sensors, and machine learning, this approach not only alleviates the financial burden of high water bills but also promotes responsible water consumption, aligning with future sustainability goals for both agribusinesses and residential complexes


At Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc., we're always looking for ways to make your life easier and more colorful. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Online Maintenance Estimator—a fast, free, and convenient way to get a property maintenance quote in just seconds!

To celebrate the launch, we're offering FREE mums to every customer who uses our online estimator. Here's how it works:

  1. Visit Our Website: Head over to and find our Online Maintenance Estimator.

  2. Get Your Quote: Input the necessary details about your property, and our advanced estimator will give you an instant quote!

  3. Claim Your Free Mums: Once you've received your quote, we'll arrange for you to pick up your free mums at our Frankfort, IL location.

Don't miss this limited-time offer. Make your property estimate hassle-free and bring some blooming beauty into your life with Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc.!

Spotlight Project:

Our spotlight for this month is the completion of a drainage project for the city of Palos Heights. The project involved intricate stonework and new improved swales. Despite challenging weather conditions, our team completed the project on time, transforming 135th street in Palos Heights.

Employee Corner:

Meet Nicholas G. Ahrens, our new Director of Business Development and the third-generation Ahrens to join Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc. Balancing his studies with his role, Nicholas is forging new client relationships under the mentorship of his father, Nick Jr., who's led our operations since 1994. His involvement marks a reaffirmed commitment to the Ahrens family values of loyalty, hard work, and community engagement, as we continue to grow and serve you better.

I've Never Seen This Before:

In a fleet that's predominantly diesel-powered, we at Green Arbor Landscape Contractors recently decided to dip our toes into gasoline territory, opting for a single Ford F350 with an internal combustion engine (ICE). Why? Because sometimes, you have to experiment to grow, right? Well, this particular experiment decided it needed 6 miles per gallon—yes, you read that right—without even towing anything!

But don't worry, this is just one vehicle in our otherwise efficient fleet. It's like that rebellious teenager in an otherwise well-behaved family—definitely eye-catching but not a trendsetter. As amusing as this gas-chugging anomaly has been, rest assured that changes will be made. We've learned our lesson: our commitment to diesel isn't just a preference, it's a necessity.

Though we chuckled at the irony of this lone F350 acting more like a thirsty camel than a workhorse, we're already in the process of reverting to our trusted diesel engines. It was a fun detour, but one we won't be taking again anytime soon. So stay tuned for updates on Green Arbor's soon-to-be more fuel-efficient fleet. It's the end of the road for our gasoline experiment, but certainly not for our commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

Ask the Experts:

Question 1: How can I protect my plants from early frost?

Answer: Utilize frost blankets or burlap to cover sensitive plants at night, ensuring they are secure against the wind.

Question 2: Should I continue to water my lawn during fall?

Answer: While your lawn requires less water in the cooler months, it's crucial to maintain a consistent watering schedule, especially after fertilizing.

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