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Insecticidal Soap Application

Hawthorn trees and crabapple trees are two of the most important ornamental fruit trees in landscaping. Both of these tree species are susceptible to various insect pests, such as aphids, mites, and scale insects. An effective way to control these pests is through the use of insecticidal soaps. Let's take a closer look at how insecticidal soap works on hawthorn and crabapple trees.

Benefits of Insecticidal Soap

Insecticidal soap is an organic product that kills pests on contact without harming beneficial insects or pollinators like bees. It can be used for both indoor plants and outdoor plants, including hawthorn and crabapple trees. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to chemical pesticides, making it an attractive option for many property owners.

Application of Insecticidal Soap

The best time to apply insecticidal soap to hawthorn and crabapple trees is when they are actively growing in the spring. Timing of the application is important, its best to consult with your IPM applicator to coordinate the best application period. It is important to thoroughly cover the leaves with a light but uniform spray of insecticidal soap solution; if you miss any areas, some pests may be left untreated. Be sure to direct the spray towards the undersides of leaves where many pests tend to hide. The application should be repeated every seven days or two weeks until all pest activity has ceased. Then it may be necessary to re-treat if there are new infestations later in the season.

Organic Alternative

Insecticidal soaps offer an effective way to manage pests on your hawthorn and crabapple trees without using harsh chemicals that could harm beneficial insects or pollinators like bees. Proper application of this organic product can help ensure that your landscape stays healthy throughout the growing season!

Professional Application

Insecticidal soap is a great way to treat hawthorn and crabapple trees for various insect pests, because it quickly and efficiently kills pests on contact without harming beneficial insects or pollinators. Not only is it organic and effective, but it’s also less expensive than chemical pesticides. If you want to make sure that your hawthorn and crabapple trees will stay protected from insect pests in the South Chicago Suburban Area, then consider using insecticidal soap treatments. For the best results, always use high quality products as recommended by experienced professionals. For professional consultation and advice on how to ensure your trees look fantastic all year round, call Green Arbor Landscape Contractors, Inc today for a quote. Our expert team of arborists can help you choose the right treatment plan to meet your landscape needs.

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